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TCT fields of expertise:


A) Environmental technologies (environmental impact assessment, water and wastewater treatment and distribution, renewable energy, solid and hazardous waste management).

B) Audit and certification for Energy and Carbon (energy efficiency, carbon credit project development, carbon inventory, carbon offsetting).

C) Infrastructure (light rail systems, bus efficiency, road safety).

D) Agriculture and rural development (organic farming, ecotourism and agro-ecotourism, forest management, biodiversity conservation, constructed wetland).

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Green Office Services


- Save money on energy bills

- Care for the environment

- Reduce your exposures to pollution

- Recycle your wastes

- Work in safe and comfortable conditions


The Green Office Services is an integrative process leading to lowering impacts and increasing users' well-being and offers numerous advantages to read more click HERE.





10-11 Jan. 2013:


National Energy Efficiency Fair and Forum

WOW Convention Center, Istanbul


24-26 Apr. 2013:


18th International Energy and Environment Conference and Fair.

Established in 1991, with 20 years of experience, TCT contributes to find solutions to rising environmental problems in Turkey and abroad.